Newcastle Biobank

Biobank technician freezing samplesNewcastle Biobank holds collections of human tissues in compliance with the ethical and legal framework of the Human Tissue Act of 2004 (HTA).  Samples from patients and healthy volunteers may be deposited with the Biobank for safe keeping and issued on request when required, removing the need for the individual researcher to register samples under the HTA.

The Biobank provides a range of storage facilities for human samples, offers a wide variety of tissue processing services and has access to a number of local tissue collections, both for  the use of Newcastle University researchers, and for scientists from other Universities, hospitals and commercial companies.  

We are introducing a web-based sample tracking system and a document management system to ensure HTA compliance for researchers. 

Biobank staff can provide expert advice on applications for ethical approval, and assist in establishing peer-review and governance oversight for generic biobanks.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements..