The Newcastle Biobank has significant experience and expertise in digital imaging.

Our Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner and Autoloader system automatically scans slides containing both sections and tissue microarrays and allows remote viewing, management and analysis of sections through digital pathology management system.

This web-based technology allows clients to:

  • view digital slides from any workstation on the network, eliminating the delay of physically transporting glass slides from one department to another
  • share and discuss digital slides in real time in multiple remote locations by using digital slide conferencing
  • view multiple digital slides concurrently
  • annotate scanned sections with the aid of multiple drawing tools
  • organise annotations by person or department by creating annotation layers
  • link annotations or images to create a viewing sequence
  • add text and descriptions to annotations
  • export and import annotations

Such a system allows sections of each NBB tissue sample, processed in our state of the art processing laboratory, to be visually available for review worldwide.


  • Light Microscope
  • Fluorescent Microscope