Sample Tracking

We are introducing a web based sample tracking system for samples stored with us. The software will support bar coding in both 1D and 2D formats, for easier updating of sample movements. Groups using the Biobank can choose to have their sample collection made visible publicly or kept private. You will be given password-secure access to the system so that you can see your sample collection via the web.

If you decide you wish to keep your collection private, then your collection will only be available to view by you and any others you have designated in your group, as well as the Biobank staff. In addition, you will be able to see any collections that are designated as public. However, being able to view a sample in the public area does not entitle you to be issued with that sample.

Access to samples is restricted. Permission for use of the samples is required from the governance and access committee, in the case of general samples, or from the person who pays for storage, where samples are associated with a particular group. Samples will only be issued if we have been granted the relevant permission to do so, ensuring that all samples are kept safe and secure.

The sample tracking system will also provide an audit trail for the sample from first entry through to final use, with derivative products made from the original 'parent' sample being tracked as 'child' samples, linking back to the 'parent'. Samples sent to other institutions will be tracked to their destination.