photograph Radio Plays: Iranian Voices

Part of the NCLA Festival of Belonging

Iranian Voices is a collection of radio plays based on real life stories from Iran, created to make voices from Iran and the Iranian Diaspora audible across the globe, and to give strength to the struggle for democracy in Iran. Iranian Voices looks at the global issue of human rights through the lens of Iran, and the power of culture as an arena for political debate and open public discourse.

The radio plays are free to listen to. For more information on the schedule for the day and to listen online please visit the Culture Lab radio website.

You can also listen to the plays as part of GIFT, Gateshead International Festival of Theatre. The NCLA listening post, Apostrohphe, will be stationed at St Mary’s Heritage Centre in Gateshead during the GIFT festival. Drop in and listen to a different featured radio play each day of the GIFT festival.

Published: 1st April 2012

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