Campus Sport

The University Sports CentreCampus Sport is the umbrella term for all our participation sports programmes. These include the Intra Mural Programme, Exercise Classes and Health and Fitness Services.

Intra Mural Sport

Aimed at the recreational player with over 3,200 students taking part. Departments, halls of residence or groups of friends make up teams together.

Sports on offer are

  • football (11's, 7's, 5's)
  • futsal,
  • women's football (5's)
  • rugby union (15's, 10's, 7's),
  • touch rugby
  • netball,
  • mixed hockey (7's),
  • basketball (3v3),
  • indoor cricket.

Exercise Classes

Classes run throughout the year for all ability levels.

  • mind/body classes such as pilates, yoga and yogalates;
  • fitness classes including metafit, pump & tone, cardio combat and spin cycling.

Health and fitness services.

We can offer you therapies, fitness assessments and exercise challenges suitable for all.