Great North Run, Sun 10th Sept. - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW

“One of the most amazing experiences of my life and it was an honour to take part…
Your work is invaluable - please keep up your efforts.” (David Chambers, BSc Engineering)
The Great North Run (10th Sept ‘17) is the greatest mass-participation event in the world (Guinness Book of Records). Being part of the nationally acclaimed ‘University Team’ in its 15th year will enable you to provide support for humanity’s greatest challenges – Global poverty and Climate Change. You will ALSO be able to support action on the terrible humanitarian crises currently in the news.
SIGN UP NOW FOR GNR’s REMINDER SERVICE for 2017: Go to and click on the ‘Reminder Service’ button. GNR will then send you a reminder when the General Ballot for places opens. And let me know you’ve done it. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION , GO TO: or contact me! Dr David Golding CBE ( )

published on: 9th December 2016