Newcastle University student, Dorian Walker, is World Champion

Dorian Walker, a 4th year mechanical Engineering Student, has returned as a World Champion from the 2012 World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships held in Buena Vista (USA) from 16-18 April 2012.

Dorian is part of the 4 man GB men’s Group that have already secured the British and European titles.  Over three days of competition the GB and Chinese men’s Group teams could not be separated resulting in a tie for the gold medal.

How the event unfolded is highlighted below with full details of the Championships available at,10869,5187-188047-19728-49301-316377-20975-5233-layout209-205269-news-item,00.html

Day  1  

Great Britain's men's group (Dorian Walker, Jesse Heskett, Matthew Evison and Richard Hurst) posted 27.59 points with a powerful and entertaining exercise, good enough for third at the moment (27.59) followed by China's second group (Sheng Fang, Weiming Feng, Tong Zhou and Teng Zhang) who brought the house down with their kung-fu themed performance, which included several Jaeger catches in rapid succession. China 2 scored 27.456, less than 0.4 behind the leaders. Going into the second round less than 0.6 separates first placed Russia 2 from ninth place China 1.

Day  2 - Balance & Combined Routines

In the men's group event the GB quartet overtook Russia 1 for the lead on the strength of a top scoring combined routine (28.1).

Day 3 - Combined Routine

Breathtaking routines from the Chinese men's four as well as Britain's Dorian Walker, Jesse Heskett, Matthew Evison and Richard Hurst each tallied 28.050 to earn a share of the final gold medal awarded at the 23rd World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships.

Their routines were vastly different, but each squad expressed great pleasure as they left the floor to cheering crowds, pumping their fists in celebration having executed near perfect routines. The powerful Russian men's team put their strength on display with a routine that included a full twisting triple tuck and a swing sequence similar to China's, but came up short for the gold, settling for bronze with 27.704.

In the overall team competition where all gymnasts’ scores are totalled the results of the men’s group helped the team GB achieve runners up and a team silver medal.

View championship highlights here.

published on: 19th April 2012