Supporting Clinical Trials

The NCTU can help investigators at all stages of their study, from trial design and application for funding (when we work in conjunction with our colleagues in the NIHR Research Design Service North East), through trial set-up to trial conduct, analysis, reporting and close-down. 

The preferred ‘full service’ model would generally  include all of these elements.  In certain circumstances, investigators and study sponsors may require assistance with only a subset of these activities, to be agreed with the NCTU.  In all cases, the agreed level of input will be documented in a Service Level Agreement.

The specific activities we can assist with are detailed in our checklists:

All approaches for help and advice must be made in a timely manner, preferably a minimum of 8 weeks before the grant deadline. Due to the often challenging nature of designing competitive trials and the very high demand on the CTU's services anything submitted without this lead in time may need to be delayed to a latter call for bids to ensure that a high quality, competitive bid is submitted.