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NIHR Fellowships

NIHR Fellowship Programme 2017

The NIHR Fellowship Programme is expected to re-open for Round 11 in the week commencing 2 October 2017.

Round 11 applications for all post-doctoral levels is anticipated to close in the week commencing 4 December 2017. Round 11 applications for the Doctoral Research Fellowship (DRF) is anticipated to close in the week commencing 18 December 2017.  We will update these dates as soon as they are confirmed. The application process is now in two stages.

Five levels of NIHR Fellowship awards are available: Doctoral, Post Doctoral, Transitional Research, Career Development, and Senior Research.  

Advice on all Fellowships including how to apply can be found on the NIHR website:

The Research Design Service North East is able to offer advice to applicants: . If you have not already contacted the RDS, we suggest you do so at the earliest opportunity. The RDS, Statistics team, and NCTU work closely to provide advice (separate to decisions about collaboration) in support of applications to the NIHR and other funders.

Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit Support for Fellowships
Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) is able to collaborate with applicants applying to any of the NIHR Fellowship schemes, where they plan to conduct a clinical trial, a pilot trial, or a feasibility trial whose next step would be a clinical trial.

To enable timely decisions to be made about NCTU collaboration, those requesting NCTU collaboration for their application to round 11, should submit their expression of interest (EOI) or draft application form to NCTU by 23rd October 2017.

EOIs and draft applications will be reviewed by the senior NCTU team, including representatives from the Newcastle University statistics team, who will assess them in accordance with the NIHR criteria for the relevant NIHR Fellowship scheme. NCTU will also review its capacity and expertise to ensure that they can offer the support through collaboration needed to individual Fellowship applicants. NCTU is aiming to collaborate with a number of applicants in this round.

Decisions on NCTU collaboration will be conveyed to applicants by 27th October 2017 to enable time for NCTU to support the application process, including ensuring that adequate costs for the trial and staff from the Unit and affiliated groups are included. In the event that NCTU are not able to collaborate, NCTU will be able to continue to offer advice in their RDS capacity and to put applicants in touch with other CTUs if appropriate.

Applications involving a clinical trial should include a supervisor (in the case of Doctoral Fellowships, Translational Research Fellowships and Career Development Fellowships) or an individual providing research support (in the case of all other post-doctoral level awards) who is a recognised trials methodologist. This will often be a trial statistician but may be a methodologist based in or affiliated with NCTU. A representative of NCTU is required to confirm their involvement and formally agree to this in the application. The final application will need the approval of one of the NCTU Directors, if the CTU is involved, prior to submission as part of the NIHR application process; your host institution may have separate and additional requirements for approval prior to submission.

Applications are welcome from individuals working in any scientific discipline or sector that can demonstrate a role in, and contribution to, improving the health or health care of the population served by the NHS. The NIHR 2017 Theme is complex health and care needs in older people.

Applicants seeking NCTU collaboration should submit a draft application or a two page EOI that includes the following details:

Name of applicant
Research experience to date including date of PhD/MD award if applicable
Brief overview of the proposed trial/study including:

  • What is the problem being addressed?
  • Why is this research important in terms of improving the health of the public and/or to patients and the NHS?
  • Review of existing evidence - How does the existing literature support this proposal?
  • What is the research question/aims and objectives?
  • Project Plan

Proposed trial design
Details of any PPI and feasibility work already completed
Proposed supervisor and collaborators

Further information about NCTU can be found here:

Applications for NCTU collaboration during your Fellowship should be sent to:  by 23rd October 2017. Alternatively, your RDS advisor can submit this to NCTU on your behalf, please let RDS know if this is the case.

Questions from applicants in relation to NCTU collaboration can be directed to:
Rebecca Maier: 
Professor Helen Hancock:
Professor Mark Walker: