School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Gordon Port

Senior Lecturer


Research Interests

Insects and other invertebrates have been described as the little things that rule the world (E.O. Wilson). We need to understand the ecology and behaviour of these animals in order to manage them more effectively whether they are friends (beneficial) or foes (pests).

My work on pests concerns a range of species affecting either crops e.g. slugs and aphids, or livestock and man e.g. mites and mosquitoes. With a better understanding of the factors that affect activity and food seeking it is possible to find more effective ways of managing these pests using biological controls, chemicals etc. For beneficial species such as pollinators and natural enemies of pest species a similar understanding leads to ways to promote their populations and understand their roles. My research group investigates these interactions using a range of ecological and behavioural experimental approaches.

Other Expertise

I work as an assessor for a number of external organisations, usually assessing proposals or publications associated with pest management

Postgraduate Supervision

Sarah Barlow: Role of invertebrates in community structure of upland haymeadows
Mohammad Asghar Beigi: Biological Control of grasshopper pests in Iran
Kate Brougham: Effects of particulate pollution on invertebrates
Rebecca Ward: Biology and ecolgy of the bean seed beetle, Bruchus rufimanius
Esam Elghadi: Microbial biological control of fruit flies
Taha Ben Hussein: Microbial biological control of slugs
Lucie Scriven: Enhancing biodiversity at an industrial site.

Industrial Relevance

Much of the work we do on pest management has relevance to the agrochemical and biological control industry through to farmers and growers. We have a close collaboration with a contract research organisation, i2LResearch, and together we have formed a Centre for Mollusc Expertise.


Undergraduate Teaching

• Ecology
• Entomology
• Animal Behaviour
• Biological Control

Postgraduate Teaching

• Applied Entomology
• Integrated Pest Management and Biological Control