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Centre of excellence in railway research

NewRail part of £92 million UK railway research partnership between UK Universities and Industry.

Development of new trains

The Newcastle University team will be part of the Rolling Stock Research Group and lead on the development of new trains. Bringing together experts from the University’s Design Unit and NewRail,  the team will be working to improve the crashworthiness of carriages, improve the energy efficiency of trains - in particular around new gear technology - and develop novel materials.

The University-owned railway test centre at Barrow Hill, near Chesterfield, will also allow the Newcastle team to carry out full-scale tests on rail vehicles and track investigations.

Dr Roberto Palacin, Rail Systems lead, added:

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the University and the wider region, cementing our global esteem and recognition at the highest possible level.

“UKRINN will allow us to truly engage with colleagues in industry and shape the future of railways, unlocking the fantastic potential and expertise that we have not only on research and innovation but also in training the next generation of engineers.”

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published on: 17 July 2017