photograph Loco donated to NewRail

DRS donates Class 37 loco to NewRail

A partnering agreement between Direct Rail Services and NewRail has led to us being donated a Class 37 loco as part of our rail research work.

The type 3 No. 37059 locomotive will be based at NewRail's full-scale test facility at Barrow Hill.

DRS Managing Director Neil McNicholas handed the master key to Prof. Mark Robinson, NewRail's director, on the 12 April. 

With a working, mainline-certificated loco, NewRail can now take its research to new levels.  Having a working loco will enable NewRail researchers to broaden their work into the impact of freight train derailments and how wagons behave in derailment situations.

NewRail plans to work with modified wagons in order to take readings.  The loco will be used on main line outings as required and results will also inform the D-Rail project.

The magazine article can be viewed here.

Many thanks to The Railway Magazine and Chris Milner for permission to reproduce the article and photo.

published on: 8th May 2012