Rail Freight and Logistics Group

ContainersManaged by Tom Zunder this innovative research group has enabled NewRail to become a leading research partner investigator in many European funded freight research projects.

A competitive, efficient, reliable and above all sustainable freight transport system can be achieved through intermodal and co-modal where road and rail will compete as well as complement, thereby increasing capacity, reducing the number of accidents involving citizens and also improving their quality of life through a better environment. As a comprehensive solution, it is essential to look at door-to-door scenarios including urban freight and last miles issues. The research activities of the Rail Freight and Logistics Group, currently staffed by 9 researchers, have been focusing on a number of specialised areas:

  • Intermodal rail freight issues
  • Innovative rail freight vehicle concepts
  • Port centric logistics
  • Rail operations issues
  • Telematic control & monitoring of freight
  • The regulatory framework relating to freight
  • Urban freight issues

The Rail Freight and Logistics Group (RFAL) is coordinating the following two EU funded projects:

RFAL is involved as a partner in the following EU funded projects:

RFAL has participated in several successfully completed EU funded projects, listed below, of which the BE LOGIC project developed an online logistics benchmarking tool and intermodal route finder; the KOMODA and FREIGHTWISE projects looked at eFreight issues and developed an internet platform for cargo; the Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles project identified issues and recommended interventions, and BESTFUFS I & II and CITYFREIGHT examined and summarised best practices in urban freight solutions:

Teaching activities

RFAL is involved in postgraduate teaching of the MSc in Rail Freight and Logistics including modules:


Downloadable leaflet on the Rail Freight and Logistics Group (505Kb PDF)