Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    The aim of the BE LOGIC project was to improve the quality and efficiency within and across different modes of transport, by means of benchmarking in logistics and co-modality.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    The objective of BESTFACT is to develop, disseminate and enhance the use of best practices and innovations in freight logistics that contribute to meeting European transport policy objectives with regard to competititveness and environmental impact.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    The objective of BESTUFS ll was to identify, describe and disseminate best practices in city logistics solutions.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    CAPACITY4RAIL aims to answer the problem of how to obtain an affordable, adaptable, automated, resilient and high-capacity railway in the future.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Designing and delivering a collaborative capacity‐building programme (comprising training and further education) for practitioners, in the public and private sector, in the field of (Cooperative) ITS deployment.
  • D-Rail
    Project Leader(s): Prof. Mark Robinson and Dr. Cristian Ulianov
    D-Rail will focus on freight traffic, identifying root causes of derailment of particular significance to freight vehicles.
  • e-Freight
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Development of interoperable ICT technologies for freight management.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    FREIGHTWISE supported the co-operation between sectors by developing and demonstrating suitable intermodal transport solutions in a range of business cases.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty vehicles (HDVs)
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Developing a structure and coherent action plan for innovation and change towards integrated Europe wide e-Logistics, based on the principles of co-modality
  • Novelog
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    To enable knowledge and understanding of urban freight distribution and service trips in order for cities to implement effective and sustainable policies and measures and facilitate stakeholder collaboration for sustainable city logistics.
  • RailNewcastle
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Marin Marinov
    RailNewcastle developed, organised and conducted a three week intensive summer school in railway logistics held at Newcastle University in 2012, 2013 and 2014
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    RETRACK: “REorganisation of Transport networks by advanced RAil freight Concepts”. The RETRACK project aimed to contribute to the European Commission’s aspirations of a modal shift of freight traffic from road to rail with a market sha
  • Smartfusion
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Smartfusion will demonstrate smart urban freight solutions in urban-interurban supply chains.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    SMARTSET is a project that addresses the need to create and showcase new and innovative solutions for improving the attractiveness of freight terminals.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Designed to help rail freight rise to the challenge of availability and reliability, as well as complying with other market demands in particular the time sensitive delivery of lower density and higher value goods.
  • SuperGreen
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Promoting the development of European freight Logistics in an environmentally friendly manner.
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Francis Franklin
    The purpose of the SUSTRAIL project is to contribute to the rail freight system to allow it to regain position and market.