Rail Vehicles Group

Conor O'Neill leads the Rail Vehicles Group specialises in the design, development, analysis and testing of novel materials, processes and structures for transport applications.


Much of our work is focused on developing lightweight, crashworthy structures to meet the rail industry's demands for increased capacity, safety, and energy efficiency/environmental sustainability.

Core competences of the Group include:

  • The design and development of large composite material structures for transport applications
  • Crashworthy composite structures – cabs, bodyshells and interior components
  • Modelling and analysis of vehicle structures and components
  • Joining technologies for vehicle construction
  • Materials selection, evaluation, and testing
  • Fire safe rail vehicles
  • Technology transfer between the rail industry and other transport sectors
  • Building and managing funded research consortia

For details of recent and ongoing projects, please click here.

Downloadable leaflet on the Rail Vehicles Group (624Kb PDF)