All Current Projects

    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    CAPACITY4RAIL aims to answer the problem of how to obtain an affordable, adaptable, automated, resilient and high-capacity railway in the future.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Designing and delivering a collaborative capacity‐building programme (comprising training and further education) for practitioners, in the public and private sector, in the field of (Cooperative) ITS deployment.
    Project Leader(s): Prof Mark Robinson
    FOSTER-RAIL addresses the broad support challenges of SST.2013.6-1: Strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe.
    Project Leader(s): NewRail: Dr Cristian ulianov
    INNOWAG: INNOvative monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on lightweight WAGons. A new SHIFT2RAIL Joint Undertaking project to increase rail freight competitiveness and develop the next generation of lightweight and intelligent freight vehicles.
  • Novelog
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    To enable knowledge and understanding of urban freight distribution and service trips in order for cities to implement effective and sustainable policies and measures and facilitate stakeholder collaboration for sustainable city logistics.
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    The aim of OPEUS is to develop a simulation methodology and accompanying modelling tool to evaluate, improve and optimise the energy consumption of rail systems with a particular focus on in-vehicle innovation.
    Project Leader(s): Professor Mark Robinson
    “Strengthening the Research and Innovation Strategies of the Transport industries in Europe”. 
    Project Leader(s): Dr Marin Marinov
    Building the workforce for the rapidly developing Transport Sector of the future. To ensure Pan-Europewide consensus, the SKILLFUL Consortium includes different 7 stakeholder groups - including Universities, Research Organisations and Train Operators.
  • TRA Visions 2018
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    Innovation awards for students and researchers in the context of the Transport Research Arena conference - TRA 2018