All Projects

    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    The objective of BESTFACT is to develop, disseminate and enhance the use of best practices and innovations in freight logistics that contribute to meeting European transport policy objectives with regard to competitiveness and environmental impact.
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Dewan Islam
    CAPACITY4RAIL aims to answer the problem of how to obtain an affordable, adaptable, automated, resilient and high-capacity railway in the future.
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
    A feasibility study into common processes of procurement, engineering design, manufacturing and maintenance across transport modes.
  • CleanER-D
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    CleanER-D aims to develop, improve and integrate emissions reduction technologies for diesel locomotives and rail vehicles.
  • D-Rail
    Project Leader(s): Prof. Mark Robinson and Dr. Cristian Ulianov
    D-Rail will focus on freight traffic, identifying root causes of derailment of particular significance to freight vehicles.
  • e-Freight
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Development of interoperable ICT technologies for freight management.
  • ETNA-Plus
    Project Leader(s): Sian Evans
    Fostering innovation in trans-national cooperation in transport with a focus on promoting the active participation of new actors and regions in EU research calls and projects.
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill, Dr. George Kotsikos
    This project brings together the rail, aerospace and marine industries to develop innovative solutions for improving composite material fire performance.
    Project Leader(s): Prof Mark Robinson
    FOSTER-RAIL addresses the broad support challenges of SST.2013.6-1: Strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe.
    Project Leader(s): Dr. George Kotsikos
    Establishing a comprehensive transport research information management and exchange system.
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    Investigating the viability of an integrated management system to achieve more sustainable and optimised energy use in European electric mainline rail systems.
  • Novelog
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    To enable knowledge and understanding of urban freight distribution and service trips in order for cities to implement effective and sustainable policies and measures and facilitate stakeholder collaboration for sustainable city logistics.
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    OSIRIS - Optional Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption In urban rail Systems.
  • RailNewcastle
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Marin Marinov
    RailNewcastle developed, organised and conducted a three week intensive summer school in railway logistics held at Newcastle University in 2012, 2013 and 2014
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
    The RAMPART project aims to develop a methodology and a support toolbox for assessing the risks which are posed by terrorism to metro and light-rail CIs.
  • Real time simulation of complex engineering scenarios
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
    NewRail is currently developing alternative simulation technologies capable of providing estimates in real time.
    Project Leader(s): Conor O'Neill
    Developing certification procedures for lightweight materials for use in rail vehicles.
  • RRUK
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Francis Franklin
    Rail Research UK (RRUK) is an EPSRC-funded virtual centre, a network of UK researchers working on a variety of collaborative railway research projects.
  • SafeCap+
    Project Leader(s): Prof. Alexander Romanovsky (PI)
    SafeCap for integrated optimum capacity, safety and energy strategies at multiple nodes
    Project Leader(s): Dr. George Kotsikos
    Developing joining techniques for materials with fundamentally different physical properties.  These techniques will ensure the safe and reliable transfer of load between the constituent materials.
    Project Leader(s): Professor Mark Robinson
    “Strengthening the Research and Innovation Strategies of the Transport industries in Europe”. 
  • Smartfusion
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Smartfusion will demonstrate smart urban freight solutions in urban-interurban supply chains.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    SMARTSET is a project that addresses the need to create and showcase new and innovative solutions for improving the attractiveness of freight terminals.
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Francis Franklin
    SPARTACUS will design, realise, test and validate in simulated and real world scenarios GALILEO-ready tracking/positioning solutions for critical asset tracking and crisis management.
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Designed to help rail freight rise to the challenge of availability and reliability, as well as complying with other market demands in particular the time sensitive delivery of lower density and higher value goods.
  • SuperGreen
    Project Leader(s): Tom Zunder
    Supporting EU’s freight Transport Logistics Action Plan on Green Corridors Issues
    Project Leader(s): Dr. Francis Franklin
    The purpose of the SUSTRAIL project is to contribute to the rail freight system to allow it to regain position and market.
  • TRA Visions 2016
    Project Leader(s): George Smyrnakis, WEGEMT
  • Viajeo PLUS
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin, Prof. Phil Blythe
    The goal of Viajeo PLUS is to benchmark outstanding examples of solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions.