Exception Handling in Coordination-based Mobile Environments (2004)

Author(s): Iliasov A, Romanovsky A

    Abstract: Interest in mobile agent systems is sharply increasing. Mobile agent systems have many attractive features, including asynchrony, openness, dynamicity and anonymity, making them indispensable in designing complex modern applications which involve moving devices, human participants and software. To make these systems useful this list should include fault tolerance, but unfortunately as our analysis shows this characteristics is often overlooked by the middleware designers. The few existing solutions for fault tolerant mobile agents are developed for tolerating exclusively hardware faults without providing any general support for the application-specific recovery. In this paper we describe a novel exception handling model that allows application-specific recovery in the coordination-based systems consisting of mobile agents. The proposed mechanism is general enough to be used in both loosely- and tightly-coupled communication models. The general ideas behind the mechanism are applied in the context of the Lime middleware and demonstrated with two examples.

      • Date: November 2004
      • Series Title: School of Computing Science Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 16
      • Institution: School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: fault tolerance, Linda, mobile systems


      Professor Alexander Romanovsky
      Prof of Computing Science