Rail Systems Group

The group is led by Roberto Palacin and specialises in research from a railway systems engineering point of view.Modtrain

Key areas of research include the following:

  • Energy:
  • Capacity:
  • Mass reduction:
  • Passenger needs:
  • Condition monitoring:
  • Interoperability of European railways

Current projects include:
CleanER-D aims to develop, improve and integrate emissions reduction technologies for diesel locomotives and rail vehicles.

OSIRIS Optimal Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption in urban rail Systems. More info www.osirisrail.eu

MERLIN Sustainable and intelligent management of energy for smarter railway systems in Europe: an integrated optimisation approach. www.merlinrail.eu

SafeCap+ SafeCap for integrated optimum capacity, safety and energy strategies at multiple nodes

Viajeo PLUS The goal of Viajeo PLUS is to benchmark outstanding examples of solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions. Dr. Gareth Evans of the Transport Operations Research Group of the School of Civil Engineering is also employed on this project.

Recent projects include:

  • HST Connectivity
  • MODTRAIN Innovative Modular Vehicle Concepts for an Integrated European Railway System
  • MODURBAN Modular urban guided systems
  • SafeInteriorsTrain interior passive safety for Europe
  • RAILTEST Inventory of Railway Test Installations in Europe and Detection of Synergies between them.

Downloadable leaflet on the Rail Systems Group (558Kb PDF)