• CleanER-D
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    CleanER-D aims to develop, improve and integrate emissions reduction technologies for diesel locomotives and rail vehicles.
  • EBSF - European Bus System of the Future
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    EBSF is conceived as a driver to increase the attractiveness and raise the image of bus systems in urban areas, by means of developing new vehicles and infrastructure technologies in combination with operational best practices.
  • Implications of Regulations on Fire in Tunnels
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    The objective of this research project is to ensure that safety, cost and interoperability are optimised in rolling stock design in relation to controlling the risk of fire in tunnels.

    Project Leader(s): NewRail: Dr Cristian ulianov
    INNOWAG: INNOvative monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on lightweight WAGons. A new SHIFT2RAIL Joint Undertaking project to increase rail freight competitiveness and develop the next generation of lightweight and intelligent freight vehicles.
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    Investigating the viability of an integrated management system to achieve more sustainable and optimised energy use in European electric mainline rail systems.
  • Modtrain
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    Innovative Modular Vehicle Concepts for an Integrated European Railway System
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    The aim of OPEUS is to develop a simulation methodology and accompanying modelling tool to evaluate, improve and optimise the energy consumption of rail systems with a particular focus on in-vehicle innovation.
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin
    OSIRIS - Optional Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption In urban rail Systems.
  • SafeCap+
    Project Leader(s): Prof. Alexander Romanovsky (PI)
    SafeCap for integrated optimum capacity, safety and energy strategies at multiple nodes
  • SafeInteriors
    Project Leader(s): Dr Roberto Palacin
    Interior design and validation of different crash scenarios for occupant survivability.
    Sledge design and components supply for crash tests.
  • Viajeo PLUS
    Project Leader(s): Roberto Palacin, Prof. Phil Blythe
    The goal of Viajeo PLUS is to benchmark outstanding examples of solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions.