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Rare leukaemia survival rate breakthrough

A pioneering genetic study means that children with a rare subtype of leukaemia have 75% less chance of their leukaemia recurring.

published on: 16th September 2013

New cancer drug shows potential in patients with BRCA mutations

A new cancer drug designed to be effective in tumours with faulty BRCA genes has generated impressive responses in an early-stage clinical trial.

published on: 5th June 2013

thumbnail Trial of new drug which blocks the energy supply to cancer cells

An experimental drug which may treat a range of cancers is being tested in a new clinical trial at Newcastle University.

published on: 31st May 2013

thumbnail Major new clinical trial to improve treatment for leukaemia patients

Newcastle Hospitals and University are launching a large clinical trial of cancer drugs to ensure patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) get the best treatment.

published on: 17th January 2013

Making Cancer Treatment More Precise Seminar

The effective treatment of cancer depends on accurate targeting in order to avoid unacceptable side effects. In this seminar speakers will discuss the "state of the art" in the field of treatment stratification, including a Faculty Lecture given by Professor Salto-Tellez from Belfast on "The role of pathology in molecular diagnostics and stratified medicine".

published on: 14th December 2012

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