Equipment in drug discovery laboratory

Drug Discovery and Imaging Group

The Drug Discovery and Imaging Research Group hosts one of 4 major Cancer Research UK small molecule drug discovery programmes in the UK. The Research Group is unique in its application of preclinical and clinical imaging to facilitate the discovery and development of targeted therapies for adult and paediatric, solid and haematological, malignancies.

Our vision is:

To contribute to the development of targeted therapies for all types of human cancer by discovering:

  • drugs which antagonise oncogene activation or substitute for tumour suppressor gene loss
  • agents which can be given in combination with conventional therapies to overcome resistance and enhance their therapeutic action

To establish a portfolio of imaging biomarkers for use in the preclinical discovery and early clinical evaluation of targeted agents through:

  • non-invasive methods of measuring drug concentrations and drug-target interaction
  • proof-of-concept pharmacodynamic and surrogate response imaging biomarkers

Research activities:

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