Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Staff Profile

Dr Deepali Pal

NC3Rs Training Fellow



M.B.B.S. (First Class), Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University - 2008

MSc (Medical Genetics), International Centre for Life, Newcastle University - 2009 

PhD (Cancer and Stem Cell Research): 2010-2014 

Voluntary posts: 

NICR Teaching and Training Committee Postgraduate representative, Newcastle University: September 2010 - January 2012

Graduate School Committee Representative , Medical School, Newcastle University:  2011

 Awards, Esteem Indicators:

1. RCUK NC3RS Training Fellowship, 2017

2. Invited to write a preview : Pal, D., Heidenreich, O., Vormoor, J. Dormancy stems the tide of chemotherapy. Cancer Cell, November 2016.

3. JGW Patterson Foundation Fellowship, 2015

4. MARIE CURIE Fellowship as part of the EU-funded project Prostate Research Organizations-Network of Early Stage Training (PRO-NEST), 2010

5. Presented with the ARTP award for the best paper (oral paper) in Prostate Cancer Research at the 20th Meeting of the European Association of Urology Section of Urological Research, October 2013.

6. Presented with the NCRI Prize award 2012 as an invited speaker for abstract - Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) reprogramming of the elderly human prostate into a primitive embryonic stem cell state - a model for prostatic development and carcinogenesis.

7. Presented with Travel award to give an oral presentation at the 20th Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research, 25-27 October 2012, Strasbourg. Abstract: Induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming of the elderly human prostate

8. Presented with a Travel award to present a poster at the 9th World congress on Urological Research, 2011. Abstract: " The role of EMT in iPS induction of human prostate"

9. Presented with a Travel Bursary to attend and give oral presentations at the Academic Urology section of the Annual SARS (Society of Academic and Research Surgery) meeting, 2012. 



Leukaemia research, bone marrow niche

Genetic engineering

Induced pluripotent stem cell technology

Bioprinting, non-animal technology, drug combination studies

Self-renewal genes and pathways in Lymphoid malignancies

The role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in de-differentiation and carcinogenesis 

Current lab members:

Ryan Nelson, Research technician


Supervision of Masters and PhD students and junior staff