Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Staff Profile

Dr Kelly Coffey

PCUK Fellow


Roles and Responsibilities

Fumigation of safety cabinets, NICR
Tissue Culture, NICR


PhD (2006) Gene expression analysis in prostate cancer: effects of Trichostatin A. University of Newcastle
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (2001)University of Newcastle


Newcastle Teaching Award (2013)

PI development Programme







Research Interests

Research Interests:

  • Gene expression analysis in prostate cancer
  • Signalling pathways in prostate cancer
  • Androgen receptor
  • Phosphorylation, methylation and demethylation
  • Chromatin


  • Laser capture microdissection
  • RNA isolation for gene expression analysis
  • Real-time PCR
  • Mammalian tissue culture systems
  • FACS
  • siRNA screens
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation

Other Expertise

  • Gene reporter assays
  • siRNA
  • Growth factor signalling pathways
  • Gene expression analysis

Current Work

Phosphorylation, methylation and demethylation in prostate cancer

Future Research

Characterisation of histone demethylases and methylatransferases in transcriptional regulation in relation to cancer development and progression.

Postgraduate Supervision

PhD Students:

Mr Joseph Smith 2016-2019

Mrs Zainab AlEbady 2013-2016 

Miss Mahsa Azizan 2012-2015 

Mrs Dhuha AlKharaif 2009-2013

Science without borders: Mr Guilherme Gomide Almeida 2013

Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarships:

Miss Kathryn Patterson (2017)

Mr Tamim Siyala (2015)

Miss Sin Yin Kee (2014)

Miss Stephanie Matthews (2012) 

Undergraduate students: 

MRes students 2008, 2012

MSc students 2015, 2012

MSci students 2015, 2014

Esteem Indicators

Prostate Cancer UK Career Development Fellowship 2014 

Androgens 2014, London, UK: Oral presentation

2nd Biennial Prostate forum, Baltimore, USA, 2014: Oral presentation (Invited Speaker)

PCUK Early Career Researchers Day, London: Oral presentation (Invited Speaker)

Oral Presentation given at Androgens 2012, Helsinki. Prize for best short talk. 

Oral presentation given at the joint NICR and IHG research day 2010.
Oral presentation given at the British Prostate Group Annual meeting 2007.


Undergraduate Teaching

Supervision of undergraduate students within the laboratory