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Date: Saturday 16 June 2012 @ 10.00 -11.30 - Business of Sport - Creating a 'great' brand
Venue: 8th floor, Business School, 5 Barrack Road

In the wake of the Olympic Flames' arrival in the North East, Newcastle University Business School hosts a lecture on the business of sport by David Newton, Managing Director of Nova International, which organises the Great North Run.

David joined Nova in 2000 having worked in Sales and Marketing for Procter & Gamble for 11 years in London and then at their head office in Newcastle.
Nova is the Newcastle based company behind the world’s biggest mass participation activity programme. At the heart of the programme is the Great North Run established 31 years ago by the company’s founder and current Chairman Brendan Foster.
The Great North Run now sees over 55,000 people take to the streets each year and has developed into a national programme of mass runs, swims and now cycling events.
The ‘Great’ brand was developed by David Newton and Brendan Foster to bring a new branded dimension to a traditional events-led market place, something that had been instilled in David during his years at P&G.
Instead of considering the event the company started a journey towards branding activity and putting the customer at the forefront of their strategy.
David will discuss:
• The benefits of a brand in an events led market
• Putting the customer first
• Developing and packaging rights
• Increasing rights values
• Economic Impact
• Competitive Advantage
• Database and Social Media activity
• New market penetration and international development
• The future, post Olympics legacy - opportunity or threat

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published on: 1st June 2012