Creative industry event attracts global audience at the Business School


Newcastle University Business School welcomed delegates from around the world, when it hosted the 3rd International Trade Conference: Sustaining creative economies: East and West perspectives in creativity, entrepreneurialism, social renewal and trade.

Attendees arrived from destinations all over the world including China and the Netherlands, to attend this year’s two-day trade conference that was jointly organised by the Business School and the University’s faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

Dr Joanna Berry, director of engagement, and visiting fellow Mo O'Toole presented on "Sustaining creative economies" at the conference.

Dr Berry chaired the first day of the conference that saw presentations on the positive impact of cultural and creative businesses on social interactions and social development, with fascinating examples given from around the world.

The creative industries and business sectors are recognised, by policy makers and governments internationally, as vitally important to regional, social regeneration and national economic development strategies.

The conference, which welcomed academics and practitioners from Beijing International Studies University, the University of Groningen, and institutions from the North East of England, was an excellent opportunity to highlight the strong relationships between these partner institutions, the University and the Business School.

published on: 3rd July 2012