Newcastle top location for students .... again!


If you are thinking of applying to Newcastle University Business School you may be interested to know that one of the world's leading travel websites has named Newcastle the best University city in the UK.

MSN Travel website is full of praise for the city and the lifestyle it offers to students, saying: 'There are many striking examples of civic pride that have stamped its reputation as a must-visit British city.

'For students, the low cost of living, the ease of finding accommodation, proximity to the sea and dramatic countryside, famed nightlife and gregarious Geordie hospitality mix to create a pretty punchy cocktail.

'So potent, in fact, Newcastle tops our list.'

It is not the first time this year that Newcastle has taken top spot in a survey of university locations.

In June 2008, Newcastle was named as the best university town in Britain in a survey carried out by the UK's foremost student accommodation website,

Newcastle was judged to be the best, across five criteria, based on more than 36,000 student reviews from 56 university towns around the UK.

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published on: 10th December 2008