photograph Positively enhancing the future careers of our students


A Newcastle University Business School alumna is making her mark in the business world, as she clinched a job as innovation manager at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), seeing her put her degree into practice.

Elizabeth Shaw, who studied an MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE), has been enjoying working for the BIC - a hub that helps hundreds of new businesses to start up each year by providing one-to-one business advice, mentoring and support, training courses, workshops and seminars.

This year has seen the launch of the ‘Innovation Programme’ which Elizabeth introduced during her time at BIC.  The Innovation Programme was set up as a way of encouraging innovation within established businesses, and a means of offering financial support through the funds available within European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of £724,000.

As well as financial support, regional businesses can also expect to gain advice from innovation specialists who have been carefully selected from a variety of industries throughout the UK.

Elizabeth commented on her time at the Business School and how the ICE programme provided her with invaluable insights which she draws upon in her current career:

“Throughout my studies at the Business School I was provided with a huge amount of support, and it enabled me to develop professional networks which continue to support and challenge my thinking towards the innovation agenda. 

“I value my time spent at the Business School highly as it has given me a broader perspective and theoretical value required in my current role.  After studying the areas of innovation and technology and with the support of the careers service, my mind was opened to new career challenges.”

Newcastle University Business School’s senior lecturer in management, and degree programme director for ICE, Dr Chris Ivory, commented:

“It is brilliant to see the transformation a student makes from a person who is well-versed in the theory at the beginning of their master’s programme to, within a relatively short amount of time, a business-minded individual who has the experience to reinforce the theory and put it into practice.

“The Business School is very proud to see its graduates, like Elizabeth, succeed and make positive contributions to their careers like the ‘Innovation Programme’.  We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our alumni so they can then share their advice and expertise with our current and future students.”

published on: 16th July 2012