photograph Postgraduate Awards Ceremony helps Business School say farewell to the class of 2010


Postgraduate graduating students celebrated this week with academic members of staff, alumni and corporate supporters during the Business School’s Annual Postgraduate Awards Reception at the Great North Museum.

Logos of the event supportersA thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by all, which saw the achievements of some outstanding students recognised with awards for ‘Best Student’ and ‘Best Dissertation’ at a glitzy awards ceremony during the afternoons celebrations, sponsored by some of the School’s corporate supporters which included: NFL, Amrut Distilleries, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Cintra, Direct Shipping Group, MKCreative, Mobious, Newcastle Science City, Northern Film and Media and U-Name It Promotions.

A welcome speech by Professor Ian Clarke, Director of Newcastle University Business School, formally opened the afternoon’s event, which congratulated the fantastic achievements of the postgraduate graduating class of 2010 as well as informing attendees about the exciting developments happening at the Business School, which includes our journey towards ‘Triple Accreditation’ and our aspiration to be a ‘World Class Business School’.

A classical quartet, an up close and personal magician and a quintessential English tea lunch followed Professor Clarke’s speech before the all important awards ceremony started with the expected excitement and anticipation.

Rob Jones, Director of Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience hosted the awards ceremony and began by also congratulating all of the graduating students before moving onto announcing the prize winners for the various PG programmes the School offers.

In total 42 awards were handed over to deserved graduates from the plethora of Postgraduate Programmes the School delivers annually. As winning students were called to collect their awards their Degree Programme Director and/or academic representative and corporate supporter were on stage, ready to congratulate them personally on their achievements, followed by a well deserved round of applause from the audience.

Following the official ‘awards ceremony’, Tristan Alltimes, Alumni Relations Manager delivered a speech about the benefits of staying in touch as a new graduate of the School. He went on to highlight to graduates about the opportunities that currently exist to ‘Get Involved’ and of the ongoing developments in the building up of the School’s worldwide alumni networks, encouraging all graduates to ‘Keep in Touch’ with him and the School throughout their personal and professional lives.

This message was backed up by Carsten Staehr, an Executive MBA graduate of the School who is also the Chairman of the North East Alumni Branch of the School and Chief Executive Officer for regionally based, award winning company, Cintra – HR & Payroll Services. Carsten kindly gave up his personal time to come and speak to new graduates at the end of the afternoon, encouraging everyone to 'Keep in Touch' and 'Get Involved' in alumni activities. As someone who has done this himself, Carsten is an active ambassador of the School and knows only too well the opportunities it can bring for graduates personally… and professionally!

To mark the end of the afternoon our professional photographer David Walker from Picture Farm helped organise a huge group photo of all of the attendees before moving onto a photo opportunity of all our graduating students, all of which can be seen on our new FlickR page>

It was with a heavy heart that the School members of staff said their goodbyes to our postgraduate class of 2010, but by all accounts a very enjoyable and successful event ended their studying experience with us here at Newcastle University Business School.

Award Winners

MA Arts Business and Creativity
Best Student: Laura Anne Hebron
Best Dissertation: Lindsay Bridget Schlesser
Sponsored by: MKCreative and Northern, Film and Media

MSc Banking and Finance
Best Student: Jia Li
Best Dissertation: Alexander Miles Richardson
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MSc E-Business and Information Systems
Best Student: Florian Stahl
Best Dissertation: Florian Stahl
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

Executive Masters in Business Administration
Best Student: James Buffoni
Best Dissertation: Stephen Lee Mack
Sponsored by: Amrut Distilleries

MSc Finance
Best Student: Xinyang Lin
Best Dissertation: Edward Andre Jean Courtat
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MA Human Resource Management
Best Student: Sarah Anne McLuckie
Best Dissertation: Philip Charles Leonard
Sponsored by: Cintra – HR and Payroll Services

MSc Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Best Student: Kayleigh Watson
Best Dissertation: Hasham Wali
Sponsored by: Newcastle Science City

MSc International Business Management
Best Student: Benjamin Clause Spurr
Best Dissertation: Sagar Sharadbhai Tandel, Clair Virginia Herdman, Emily Yarrow
Sponsored by: NFL

MSc International Economics and Finance
Best Student: Binyan Yu
Best Dissertation: Baback Roodbar Mohammadi, Binyan Yu
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MA International Financial Analysis
Best Student: Chi Pun Lau, Madina Abdulina
Best Dissertation: Ayoola Seun Olagunju
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MA International Human Resource Management
Best Student: Greg Oxley
Best Dissertation: Xi Chen, Jiahui Tan, Min Chen
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MSc International Marketing
Best Student: Leonie Prigge
Best Dissertation: Rahul Prasad
Best Student as receognised by the CIM: Leonie Prigge
Sponsored by: Mobious and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Masters in Business Administration
Best Student: Michael William Hall
Best Dissertation: Michael William Hall
Sponsored by: NFL

MSc Operations Management and Logistics
Best Student: Marian Bernhard
Best Dissertation: Michael Florian Roesch
Sponsored by: Direct Shipping Group

MSc Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting
Best Student: Fang Zhang
Best Dissertation: Ziting Dou
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

MSc Strategic Planning and Investment
Best Student: Olufunmilayo Omowunmi Mustapha, Jacob Lewis Atkinson
Best Dissertation: Cyril Marcel Paul Barbier
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Best Management Research Report: Debaraj Dutta, Victoria Reyes Simpson
Supported by: Newcastle University Business School

Special thanks also goes to U-Name It Promotions who supplied and sponsored all of the students awards statues.


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published on: 8th December 2010