Stop and Think.....about women in business


Date: 29 June 2012, 10.00 - 12.30
Venue: Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SE

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Brought to you by the Small Enterprise Research Unit (SERU)/ Newcastle University Business School and the UK Women’s Enterprise Policy Group.

Who is this event for?

If you think you could gain from, learn about or contribute to, an interactive discussion about how the North East can start realising the multi-£billion opportunity presented by getting more women setting up and growing businesses, please join us to Stop and Think … about women in business.

What will you gain from attending this event? 

Be inspired by the debate. Leave with an improved awareness of the opportunity more women in business presents for your organisation, wider society and, of course, the North East economy; gain a better understanding of the support landscape that exists for women in the region, what works, what might work, and as importantly what gaps now need to be filled.

Further information

The event is supported by the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (ICE Ltd); People Into Enterprise; Jayne Graham of 2020 Consulting; Nicky Gray, Enterprise Speaker; Sandy Ogilvie; the Global Exchange for Women’s Enterprise; and the Federation for Small Businesses (FSB).

In the past ten or so years there has been unprecedented progress in raising the profile and awareness of women in business. We have witnessed the emergence of growing numbers of inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs. Women-led networks and fantastic examples of support, specifically geared to promoting, supporting and accelerating women in business, are now all around us.

However, in spite of such noticeable progress, women-owned businesses are still estimated to make up only 15% of the business population in this country, less than 30% of the UK's most influential jobs are held by women, and the North East is reported to have the highest number of unemployed women since 1987. Women in general continue to remain an untapped pool of talent. Just imagine, if the balance could be tipped, what could be gained by your organisation, wider society and, of course, the economy.

If you are already doing great things to support women to set up and grow their businesses, just think about the potential impact if that was recognised as best practice?

There is also the potential economic gain. It is estimated that if the number of men and women setting up businesses is levelled that represents a multi-£billion opportunity.

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published on: 29th May 2012