The fall of the Greek economy and its effect on UK tourists


Dr Panos Piperopoulos, lecturer in enterprise and creativity at Newcastle University Business School, recently featured on BBC Radio Newcastle’s Breakfast Show to explain what it would mean for British tourists travelling to Greece during this current sink in the Greek economy. 

With over 100,000 people travelling to Greece every year from Newcastle, Dr Piperopoulos suggested that, in the long-run, it may be cheaper for Britons to holiday in Greece.  However, while the people in the Eurozone may enjoy less expensive trips to the country in the future, the Greeks themselves face a period of uncertainty and financial unrest.

Dr Piperopoulos commented “The current mood in Greece is that of depression.  For them, they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In a further discussion with BBC Radio Newcastle, Dr Piperopoulos spoke to Jonathan Miles about Greece reverting to the Drachma, their abundance of bank holidays and how the burden of the 2004 Olympics affected the country.

With the next election approaching in June, Dr Piperopoulos believes that the Greek people will choose to return to the Drachma and exit the Eurozone. 

To listen to both BBC radio shows please click on the links below:

1) Friday 18 May 2012 –BBC Radio Newcastle breakfast show (95.4) 40.20 – 44.40 minutes
2) Tuesday 22 May 2012 – BBC Radio Newcastle, with Jonathan Miles, 1.10.00 – 1.21.00 minutes

published on: 24th May 2012