Thank you for considering getting involved in the Global Alumni Impact Matters (AIM) Network.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. One excellent and easy way to get plugged into the network right where you are is to join us for the first ever Volunteer Service Week. Newcastle VSW is about celebrating leadership and giving back to the community and sparking a tradition of service, but also, more importantly, promoting togetherness within the School family. It’s an easy and exciting way to make a difference in your community by completing a volunteer service project at alumni- and student-organized sites and sharing your story with the Global AIM Network. This year’s inaugural week of service will be 6-12 July 2015.

Have you already completed a volunteer project this year? We'd like to hear about what you did! You can send photos, links, or video to bsalumni@ncl.ac.uk with the title of your project and/or share on social media using #VSW15 via @NCL_BSAlumni, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Busy? No problem! All you need is a minimum of 1 hour to complete a volunteer service project in your community during the week. It's a little effort for a lot of reward! For those of you that already have a tradition of service, please keep up the good work and share with us what you are doing. If you are considering joining in, some benefits include:

  • Building your network by connecting with other students / alumni in your area
  • Developing leadership / project management skills
  • Personal satisfaction making a difference in your community
  • An excuse to get your fellow alumni, friends, and family together for a fun, rewarding activity
  • And much, much more! ....

For tips and guidance on planning your volunteer service project, download our:

Volunteer Service Week Resource Guide

Once you've decided what you're doing, register your project here.

After you've completed your project, share your story here

Other Ways to Get Involved

Whether you choose to volunteer to give your time, share your expertise, help enhance the student experience and employability agendas or donate, we are incredibly grateful for your contributions towards our exciting and strategically important initiatives.

All you have to do is stay connected to us through the various means we have available and we can help plug you into the opportunities that attract you most. 

With your help we can continue to build a world-class business school right here at Newcastle University.