Internationalisation of Staff

Thinking about working in Newcastle?

Newcastle University Business School recruits staff from all over the world to match our ambition to be a globally respected business school and to ensure that our students are exposed to people with a wide range of experience and backgrounds. Currently around one third of our academic staff originate from countries outside the UK. Staff come from America, Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Eire, Fiji, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Romania and Russia.

Visiting Professors and Visiting Fellows

Our Visiting Professor appointments bring both research and teaching expertise to the School. Professors are appointed for a period of three years and include business practitioners and established professors from international universities. Visitors under these schemes have come from Australia, China, Finland, Greece, New Zealand and USA.

Current Visiting Professors

The School's international faculty are supplemented by the Visiting Fellow Programme which brings leading international researchers to Newcastle to work alongside colleagues in research groups. These relationships are used to develop joint publications and in some cases the visitor may contribute to teaching on our programmes thus enhancing the international context and experience for our students.

Current Visiting Fellows

Newcastle University Business School staff are also supported in their international activities through the School’s policy on sabbatical leave. They are also encouraged to take up appointments as visiting professors in other universities so that they can feed back their experience into activities in this University.

NUBS staff who are Visiting Professors in other universities