Information for Localism? Policy Sense-making for Local Governance (2011)

Author(s): Wilson R, Cornford J, Baines S, Mawson J

    Abstract: Recent policy changes emphasising localism as opposed to centrally driven performance management have potentially significant implications for the use of information in local policy shaping. This paper explores the challenges that this implies in terms of the framing of the problem and of the current and future and uses of information for local governance.

      • Date: 16-05-2011
      • Journal: Public Money & Management
      • Volume: 31
      • Issue: 4
      • Pages: 295-300
      • Publisher: Routledge
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Information sharing; Local Government; Performance Management; Audit; Information Management; Information Governance; Local Governance


      Professor Rob Wilson
      Professor of Information Systems Management and Director of KITE University Research Centre