Pipeline Integrity Reviews (2001)

Author(s): Hopkins P

    Abstract: Most pipeline systems in the world are many years old, with some approaching the end of their design lives. Increasingly, the design, operation and condition of these systems have to be reviewed for a variety of reasons: i. CODE/REGULATORY/COMPANY REQUIREMENTS, ii. SAFETY – e.g. following a failure, or because of population encroachments, iii. POOR DOCUMENTATION – ensure or prove continuing integrity, iv. UPRATING - a need to increase pressure/throughput, v. CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP, vi. CHANGE OF USE, vii. LIFE EXTENSION, beyond original design life. This paper introduces the reader to Integrity Reviews and gives outlines on how to conduct them, their contents, and analytical methods. This is an holistic approach to integrity and is being successfully used by Andrew Palmer and Associates/Penspen for clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

      • Date: 2001
      • Conference Name: 13th Annual Conference on Pipeline Pigging, Integrity Assessment and Repair
      • Publisher: Clarion Press
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

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