Alphabetical List - VWX


Lucille Valentine
Research Assistant

Dr Arturo Vega
Lecturer in Innovation and Public Policy - Director of the MSc in E-business programmes

Dr Thanos Verousis
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Simon Vicary
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Laurence Vigneau
Lecturer in International Management

Professor Steve Vincent
Professor of Work and Organisation

Andrew Wade
Clerical Officer (UG)

James Wade
Int'l Undergraduate Student Officer

Ruth Warwick
Conference and Events Coordinator

Carolyn Watkin
Programme Secretary

Laura Watson
Student Experience Marketing Coordinator

David Weddell
Project Officer

Professor Martin Wetzels
Visiting Professor

Dr Fiona Whitehurst
Director of Accreditation

Professor Andrea Whittle
Chair in Management and Organization Studies

Professor John Wildman
Professor of Health Economics

Dr Robert Willison
DBA Director and Deputy Director of Doctoral Programmes: Senior Lecturer

Professor John Wilson
Director of School

Professor Rob Wilson
Professor of Information Systems Management and Director of KITE University Research Centre

Ross Wilson
Research Support Officer

Dr Patrick Saart Wongsa-Art
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Frank Worthington
Director of Learning & Teaching

Professor Colin Wren
Professor of Applied Microeconomics

Emma Wright
Clerical Assistant

Dr Zhijuan Wu
Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Doris Xin
Teaching Fellow in Accounting & Finance