Newcastle University Business School Staff (in alphabetical order)


Abduljaber Abdulqader
Desktop Support Analyst

Dr Habiba Al-Shaer
Lecturer in Accounting

Dr Eleftherios Alamanos
Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Neil Alderman
Senior Lecturer

Dr Elizabeth Alexander
Senior Lecturer in IBM and Strategy

Dr Robert Anderson
Lecturer in Economics

Natalie Antonopoulos
Communications Officer

Ellen Arkless
Programme Secretary

Sian Armstrong
Finance Assistant

Dr Colin Ashurst
Senior Lecturer

Helen Atkinson
International Relations Officer

Professor Christof Backhaus
Professor of Marketing

Dr Hanna Bahemia
Lecturer in Innovation Strategy

David Baines
Senior Lecturer

Professor Greg Bamber
Visiting Professor

Laura Bambrough
Facilities Coordinator / Receptionist

Sarah Barksby
Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager

Dr David Barlow

Dr Saurabh Bhattacharya
Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Volodymyr Bilotkach
Senior Lecturer in Economics, DPD, QFARM M.Sc.

Professor Markus Blut
Professor of Marketing & Director of the Service Marketing Research Group

Tony Boland
Senior Tutor in Management

Dr Roberto Bonilla Trejos
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Nils Braakmann
Senior Lecturer in Economics, School ethics coordinator & Senior Tutor (Economics)

Steve Bremner
International Recruitment Officer

Dr Michael Brookes
Senior Lecturer

Dr Robin Brown

Katherine Brown
UG Programme Secretary

Dr Emily Buchnea
Research Assistant

Nicola Burnip
Placement Officer

Dr Clare Butler
Lecturer in Work and Employment

Professor David Campbell
Professor of accounting and corporate governance.

Juli Campey
Executive MBA Programme Director

Sarah Carnegie
Lecturer in HR Management

Dr Fabrizio Casalin
Lecturer in Banking and Finance

Shelagh Cauwood
Joint Head of International Recruitment / International Exchanges Coordinator

Stuart Challinor
Lecturer in Marketing

Professor David Charles
Visiting professor

Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee
Head of External Relations

Dr Bo Che
Lecturer in Accounting

Professor Susan Chilton
Professor of Economics

Dr Malgorzata Ciesielska
Visiting Fellow

Beth Clark
Postgraduate Demonstrator

Lisa Clark
Senior Teacher

Professor Stewart Clegg
Strategic Research Adviser

Damian Cleghorn
Deputy School Manager

Louise Cowans
Undergraduate Programme Administrator

Helen Currie
Lecturer in Accounting

Dr Shanta Davie
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Eleni Dermentzi
Postgraduate Demonstrator

Ricardo Dias Carolas
Guest member of staff

Ben Dickson-Green
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Diemo Dietrich
Senior Lecturer

Dr Jingxin Dong
Senior Lecturer

Jessica Douglas
Facilities Coordinator / Receptionist

Alys Dunn
Alumni Relations Manager

Suzanne Dunn
MBA and Executive MBA Programme Secretary

Susan Dunnington
Postgraduate Programme Administrator

Professor Darren Duxbury
Chair in Finance

Dr Barbara Eberth
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Peter Eckersley
Research Associate

Dr Peter Edward
Director of Full-time MBA, Lecturer in International Business Management

Dr Karen Elliott
Lecturer in Enterprise & Innovation

Dr Marwa Elnahas
Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Lynne Evans

Professor Giorgio Fazio
Prof of Macroeconomics

Claire Fenwick
PA to Subject Group Heads/Executive Directorate

Laura Fenwick
Research Support Assistant

Dr Raffaele Filieri
Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Sven Fischer
Research Associate

Maebh Fitzpatrick
MBA Admissions Assistant

Dr Matt Flynn
Senior Lecturer in HRM

  • Telephone: 01912081729

Deborah Forbes

Dr Alan Fowler
Visiting Fellow

Dr Claudia Gabbioneta
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Jenny Garner
Programme Secretary

Dr Bartosz Gebka
DPD for MSc Finance

Professor Atanu Ghoshray
Professor of Economics

Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, PhD coordinator for Innovation and Enterprise (MOS subject group)

Dr Jane Gibbon
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Stephanie Gibson
Accreditation Manager

Virginia Glithero
Student Marketing Coordinator

Dr Benjamin Golant
Visiting Fellow

Dr Matthew Gorton
Reader in Marketing, Joint Head of Marketing, Operations and Systems Group

Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos
Professor (Chair) in Finance

Linda Grahamslaw
Data Input Assistant

Professor Charles Harvey
Professor of Business History and Management

Barbara Hepple
Business School Finance Coordinator

Dr Graeme Heron
Lecturer in Operations Management

Professor Christian Hicks
Deputy Director, Professor of Operations Management

Professor David Higgins
Prof of Accounting & Finance

Andrew Holden

Gill Holden
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Gillian Holmes
Admissions Selector for Accounting and Finance

Lara Hope
Programme Secretary

Paul Hopkins
Visiting Fellow

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 776 801 0863

Professor Stephen Hughes
Professor of International Organisations

Lynne Humphrey
Visiting Fellow

Christina Hunter
Communications Assistant

Lauren Huntington
Head of Marketing & Communications

Professor Simon Hussain
Professor of Accounting; Head of Subject Group for Accounting & Finance

Zara Jeffries
Personal Assistant

Dr Markus Jochmann
Lecturer in Economics, DPD MSc Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

Dr Allanah Johnston
Degree Program Director, MSc International Business Management / Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Dr Stewart Johnstone
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Deborah Jones
Joint DPD BA (Hons) Business Accounting and Finance, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Jonathan Jones
DPD - BA Economics & Business Management

Dr Rob Jones
Senior Lecturer DPD Graduate Diploma in Finance Accounting and Business

Professor Michael Jones-Lee
Strategic Research Advisor

Dr Jonathan Kimmitt
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Dr Francis Kiraly
Lecturer in Economics and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Andrew Kozhevnikov
Postgradaute Demonstrator

Susanne Laidler
Programme Secretary

Matthew Lakin
Student Intern

Professor Fred Lemke
School Director of Research / Joint Head of Marketing, Operations and Systems Group / Chair in Marketing & Sustainability

Dr Paul Lewis
Teaching Assistant

Dr Jia Liu
Research Associate

Dr Jose Liu
Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Lana Liu
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance; Joint Head of International Undergraduate Recruitment

Dr Ana Lopes
Lecturer in HRM

Dr Toby Lowe
Senior Research Associate

Dr Lucy Lu
Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Ewan Mackenzie
Research Associate

Dr Sara Maioli
Lecturer in Economics, Deputy Director Postgraduate Taught Programmes

Dr Oliver Mallett
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Dr Jo McBride
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations, Work and Employment

Dr Tom McGovern
Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy, Associate Director of the Leadership, Work and Organization Group, and Director of The Business, Accounting and Management History Research Group

Professor Alan McKinlay
Prof of Human Resource Management

Dr Josie McLaren
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance, DPD - BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Michael McNally
UG Clerical Officer

Angela Mclean
Associate Lecturer

Jeanette Mears
Programme Secretary

Dr Hugh Metcalf
Senior Lecturer

Helen Miller
School Manager

Dr Pascal Mossay
Senior Lecturer in Economics

Professor Frank Mueller
Chair in Strategy and Organisation

Professor Iain Munro
Prof of Leadership & Org Change

Professor Daniel Muzio
Professor of Professions and Organization

Dr Mitchell Ness
Senior Teacher

Dr Robert Newbery
Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation

Dr Teddie Ngosi
Guest member of staff

Dr Minh Nguyen
Lecturer in Finance

Professor Alastair Nicholson
Senior Teacher

Dr Jytte Seested Nielsen
Senior Lecturer in Economics, DPD BSc Economics

Hilary Noone
School Research Administrator

Michaela O'Doherty
Facilities Manager

Professor Mo O'Toole
Visiting Professor

Andrew Oldroyd
Desktop Support Analyst

Sue Orr
Research Support Assistant

Dr Victoria Pagan
Lecturer in Strategic Management

Dr Gu Pang
Degree Programme Director BA (Hons) Marketing and Management / Lecturer in Operations Management

Professor Savvas Papagiannidis
David Goldman Prof of Innovation & Enterprise

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 2081598

Dr Melanie Parravano Baro
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Simon Parry
Lecturer in Accounting and Entrepreneurship

Caron Pearson
Careers Adviser

Annett Pecher
Guest member of staff

Trudi Pemberton
Attendance Monitoring Coordinator

Dr Lesley Pender
Director of MBA Programmes

Professor Georgios Piperopoulos
Visiting Professor

Emma Pollard
Communications Officer

Dr Michael Price
Research Associate

Professor Stephen Procter
Alcan Chair of Management

Kay Pryer
Postgraduate Programme Secretary

Dr Roxana Radulescu
DPD - Combined and Joint Honours Programmes in the Business School

Dr Stefanie Reissner
Senior Lecturer in Management and Organisation Studies, Deputy Subject Group Head Leadership, Work and Organisation (LWO)

Dr Paul Richter
DPD - MA Arts Business & Creativity and MSc Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Rachael Roberts
Guidance Team Manager and Careers Adviser

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 8050

Dr Luca Sabini
Marie Slodowska-Curie Fellow

Dr Aly Salama
Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Chair of Accounting and Finance Exam Board

Professor Jonathan Sapsed
Prof of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Kathryn Sayers
(Currently on leave)

Professor Klaus Schoefer
Chair in Marketing & Co-Director of the Services Marketing Research Group

Dr Tracy Scurry
Senior Lecturer in HRM, Deputy Subject Group Head (LWO)

Dr Jong Shin
Lecturer in Economics

Professor John Sillince
Professor of Strategy

Dr Adrian Small
Lecturer in Operations Management

Dr Grega Smrkolj
Lecturer in Economics

Christopher Soan
Joint Degree Programme Director BA (Hons) Business Accounting and Finance and Lecturer in Accounting

Professor Robert Sollis
Professor of Financial Economics

Dr Chen Su
Senior Lecturer

Professor Roy Suddaby
Prof of Strategic Management&Organiz

Louise Suddese
Accreditation Assistant

Dr Yaprak Tavman
Lecturer in Economics

Amy Thompson
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Fiona Thompson
Associate Lecturer

Dr Anna Tilba
Lecturer in Strategy and Corporate Governance, Director of Corporate Engagement

Barbara Tocco
Research Assistant

Professor Mich Tvede
Professor of Economics

Fiona Urquhart
Associate Lecturer

Lucille Valentine
Research Assistant

Dr Arturo Vega
Lecturer in Innovation and Public Policy - Director of the MSc in E-business programmes

Dr Thanos Verousis
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Simon Vicary
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Laurence Vigneau
Lecturer in International Management

Professor Steve Vincent
Professor of Work and Organisation

Andrew Wade
Clerical Officer (UG)

James Wade
Int'l Undergraduate Student Officer

Ruth Warwick
Conference and Events Coordinator

Carolyn Watkin
Programme Secretary

Laura Watson
Student Experience Marketing Coordinator

David Weddell
Project Officer

Professor Martin Wetzels
Visiting Professor

Dr Fiona Whitehurst
Director of Accreditation

Professor Andrea Whittle
Chair in Management and Organization Studies

Professor John Wildman
Professor of Health Economics

Dr Robert Willison
DBA Director and Deputy Director of Doctoral Programmes: Senior Lecturer

Professor John Wilson
Director of School

Professor Rob Wilson
Professor of Information Systems Management and Director of KITE University Research Centre

Ross Wilson
Research Support Officer

Dr Patrick Saart Wongsa-Art
Lecturer in Economics

Dr Frank Worthington
Director of Learning & Teaching

Professor Colin Wren
Professor of Applied Microeconomics

Emma Wright
Clerical Assistant

Dr Zhijuan Wu
Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Doris Xin
Teaching Fellow in Accounting & Finance

Dr Ying Yang
Senior Lecturer in Operations Management DPD MSc OSCM, OMLA and Dual Degree

Dr Natalia Yannopoulou
Senior Lecturer in Marketing & Degree Program Director for MSc International Marketing

Dr Janette Young
Senior Teaching Staff

Paul Youngman
International Recruitment Officer

Dr Yan Zeng
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Jingqi Zhu
Lecturer in International Business Mngmt

Professor Daniel Zizzo
Dean of Research & Innovation