Goals of NUMed Malaysia

The aim of NUMed Malaysia is to deliver a cost-effective medical programme of the highest quality in order to meet the needs of both our students and the regional health economy, and to translate the benefits of our academic endeavour for the benefit of Malaysian society and the greater Asian region.

NUMed Malaysia’s goals are:

  • To provide globally acclaimed programmes of medical education, responsive to the changing needs of the Malaysian healthcare system, in order to attract and retain national and international students of the highest quality.
  • To establish an academic culture and environment which will underpin the recruitment and retention of high-calibre faculty and staff, and empower them in the pursuit of scholarship, the delivery of superior programmes of study, and the production of excellent graduates properly prepared for the global health economy of the 21st century.
  • To develop a secure, attractive, supportive and inspiring environment in order to engage highly motivated students in affordable, world-class medical education, irrespective of background.
  • To establish firm, mutual relationships with health and other employers in order to ensure that our programmes remain fit for purpose, and our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and understanding, the skills and competencies, and the personal and professional attitudes appropriate to professional practice and employment.
  • To create and continually improve rigorous administrative systems in order to implement an excellent support strategy for all stakeholders.