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Celebratory mood at NUMed third graduation

Celebratory mood at NUMed third graduation

Celebratory mood at NUMed third graduation

Last month, over 300 proud loved ones filled Jen Hotel’s ballroom to witness Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) graduates receiving their hard earned degree.

This congregation ceremony marked a few firsts.  Though it was the third congregation ceremony, this marked the first batch of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students having completed all five years in Malaysia.  This ceremony was also especially memorable as it was the first cohort of Biomedical Sciences (BSc) students to graduate, not forgetting the Master of Research degrees awarded to graduates from Indonesia.

In addition, various awards were handed out at the ceremony. New MBBS graduate Teh Jin Zhe was awarded the coveted TM Teoh Award, which was personally handed out by Dr Robert Teoh, a Newcastle University alumnus.

I was delighted to be given this award, to be declared as the best student amongst my friends and peers is a truly humbling experience.  I could not have imagined a better way to finish off my amazing five years in NUMed. It was my classmates who made my time at NUMed so enjoyable and as a group, we became very close and progressed together” Jin commented.

Jin Zhe was also chosen as NUMed’s School of Medical Education’s student orator, which required him to give a speech to the mix of graduates, academics and family members gathered at the Jen Hotel. The medical graduate described his years in NUMed as the best time of his life and he showed his gratitude to all at NUMed, describing NUMed lecturers as “enthusiastic, devoted, and simply inspiring”.

Speaking on behalf of the graduating BSc students was Priyanka Abraham. Priyanka stated that being part of a close knit university that had brought out the best in her. She also took the opportunity to thank the university and her fellow students. She also attributed her final year in Newcastle UK campus as part of her success.

Since its establishment in 2009, NUMed has offered its students the opportunity to study in the UK depending on the degree.  The similarities between Newcastle UK and NUMed from the design of the campus to the style of teaching help the students adapt quickly to life in the UK, allowing the students to maximise their experience.

Newcastle University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chris Brink, said “Newcastle University has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best places to study medicine, dentistry and health sciences, with our subjects consistently ranked top 200 in the world and top 20 in the UK. The students at our NUMed campus benefit from identical training to that provided in the UK.”

Professor Brink also used the occasion to remind the new graduates about the ethos of the University and how it strives for excellence and to contribute to civil society.

Jin Zhe, who spent a semester in the UK, also pointed to the invaluable experience of studying at Newcastle UK. Like his fellow MBBS graduates, Jin Zhe’s medical degree is conferred by Newcastle University, UK, which is a UK Primary Medical Qualification. The newly qualified doctors will hold a UK Primary Medical Qualification awarded by NUMed. They will be eligible for provisional registration with both the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). Following the completion of an approved pre-registration period, they will be eligible for full registration with both regulators.

NUMed CEO Professor Roger Barton commented that a recent visit from the UK General Medical Council and from External Examiners found that NUMed graduates were of at least the same quality as their UK counterparts, a welcome further endorsement of the success of the Branch Campus.

NUMed offers the first GMC-approved overseas programme for provisionally registered doctors to convert to full registration.

About NUMed

Newcastle University UK, has established an international branch campus in Johor, Malaysia to provide its undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and the Biomedical Sciences (BSc).  Both programmes offer opportunities for periods of study in the UK.  A one year Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences is also available, the successful completion of which will lead to progression to the MB BS or BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences programme. All programmes of study are equivalent to those of Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and lead to the award of the same degrees. By choosing to study at NUMed Malaysia, students will obtain a reputable UK qualification, from an internationally recognized university, at a cost significantly less than that of studying in the UK.


Celebratory mood at NUMed third graduation

published on: 1 December 2016