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Choosing Student Accommodation

Choosing Student Accommodation

Tip #1: Right for you

Everyone is different; some of us prefer to share with a friend, others like their own space. University accommodation should be able to provide a range of room configurations to suit your needs.
Here at NUMed we offer self-catering apartment style living at Horizon Residences with either single rooms or shared rooms, and up to four students per apartment. All apartments have two single bedrooms and one shared bedroom. There are also shared bathrooms and en-suites. All rooms come fully equipped with all the furniture and fittings you could need as a student, including a study desk.
Each air conditioned apartment is self-catering: all kitchens are equipped with large capacity fridges, stovetop burners and microwave oven. You also get a really spacious living area and balcony.


Tip #2: Safe and secure

How safe is your student accommodation? This is one for your parents as well as for you. When you leave home to study at University for the first time, the prospect can be a little daunting. It may take a bit of time to settle into your studies and to make friends and so one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is safety.
Our NUMed Managed accommodation at Horizon Residences is gated and has our own NUMed guards on hand 24-hours to make sure you feel safe and secure at all times. We have an accommodation office on site, so you can be sure of a comforting presence when you need it. We also have live in wardens who are selected from NUMed’s teaching faculty who are there to help should you need them.


Tip #3: The right price

Student accommodation comes in a variety of forms and the rule of thumb is you get what you pay for! However, one thing you need to ensure is that there are no hidden extras which could soon mount up, creating havoc for your monthly budget!
Here at NUMed, we have a transparent pricing structure for our student accommodation at Horizon Residences which lays down clearly the cost for each type of room, making it so much easier to budget and leaving you with a bit more money to spend on all the things you will enjoy during your time at University. And guess what – our Internet access is FREE! We believe this is important so you can access study materials even when you’re not on campus. We also provide up to RM400 per month per apartment to cover your electricity and water. Can’t get better than that!

Tip #4: Managed responsibly

Managed responsibly? What on earth do we mean? Let us explain. When you are living in a property, things are bound to go wrong from time to time. Perhaps the shower hose breaks, or a cupboard door gets a little stiff. The last thing you want as a student is to have all your time taken up chasing the landlord to put things right.
As your landlord, NUMed takes its responsibility seriously, endeavouring to provide and importantly, maintain a comfortable living environment suitable for both study and relaxation. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for putting things right. That’s not to say we’re perfect, but we aim to provide a speedy service if things do happen to go wrong in your student accommodation at Horizon Residences.

Tip #5: Well-located

Some students prefer to live close to the campus, others prefer to live a little further away. Think about it, okay you may have less far to travel when you live on campus, but what about your leisure activities? On the other hand, if you choose student accommodation off campus, be sure that it has good transport links.
NUMed student accommodation is situated in between the campus and the township of Bukit Indah and just a short drive between both. A free shuttle bus service operates between NUMed and Horizon Residences and Bukit Indah. These buses run frequently. You can board our distinctive Red Lion shuttle buses at the bus stops at the campus, Horizon Residences and Bukit Indah. What’s more, when you choose NUMed accommodation, this automatically entitles you to a 50% discount off other routes in the region, including to Singapore. Wow!


Tip #6: Optimised for a good experience

As well as somewhere to sleep and study, when choosing student accommodation you should consider carefully what else is available that will optimise your student experience which should be a balance of work and play.
At NUMed, we place strong emphasis on getting a good work/life balance and encourage students to spend some time relaxing. That why our student accommodation at Horizon Residences also provides students living there FREE access to the swimming pool and gym. There is also plenty of communal space for you to make the most of meeting other students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. This will enrich your experience as a student and broaden your mind.

Tip #7: Close to good amenities

When you choose student accommodation, you need to consider your environment. Is it more important for you to be close to the campus or do you want to have leisure activities and F&B outlets close to hand?
NUMed self-catering accommodation at Horizon Residences delivers the best of both words as it is located between the campus and the nearby bustling township of Bukit Indah. Living at Horizon Residences means that you have a wide variety of dining options. The NUMed campus boasts Foodlicious at Tyne Café and FAME coffee operating out of the Garden Café. Horizon Residences also has its own on-site café. And just a short trip away on the free NUMed shuttle bus you’ll find a whole host of eateries in Bukit Indah, and beyond. Also, there is a large AEON at Bukit Indah for great shopping experiences. You’ll also find a cinema there too. Enjoy!


Tip #8: Well-maintained

When choosing student accommodation, try to visit first if you can before you sign up. Glossy pictures in brochures and on websites can be misleading!
At NUMed we pride ourselves on keeping our student accommodation at Horizon Residences clean, tidy and well maintained. To this end we offer a FREE cleaning service for your common area, laundry area, balcony and the two shared bathrooms. We also ensure that any problems reported to us are dealt with efficiently and promptly. We have a manned office and security on site and issues can also be logged online.

Tip #9: flexible to your needs

If you’re currently in the process of choosing student accommodation, look for flexibility, not rigidity in terms of management and contracts.
NUMed welcomes students and their parents to have a pre-visit to their student accommodation at Horizon Residences. All you need to do is contact to arrange an appointment with our friendly admissions team.
Continuous contracts cover the full academic year and include the Christmas and Chinese New Year vacation periods, so there is no need to empty your room when you go home for short visits. Convenient eh?
As an undergraduate student, you have the option to extend your stay over the summer vacation, so if you need to remain in Iskandar Puteri, we can offer you a room during this period.


Tip #10 full of added value

Okay, so you’re about to choose your student accommodation. What should you be looking for? Well obviously you will need the usual things such as a bed to sleep in and a desk to study at, but is there anything that will make your time at University more enjoyable and your life a little easier?
We believe in making our NUMed student accommodation at Horizon Residences work well for students and have spent a number of years getting feedback from our own students so as to improve their daily living. Our students told us that they wanted: good wifi; self-catering facilities; excellent communal space so they could mix with their friends; and laundry facilities. So as well as having FREE wifi, a superb living area and fully fitted kitchen, each apartment is equipped with a washing machine, so no more queuing, or going to a Dobi!
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published on: 10 April 2017