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In modern Malaysia, growing very old is becoming a fact of life. People are now living 10 years longer than they were 50 years ago, and life expectancies are    set to increase. 

This improvement is largely driven by a better quality of life, continual developments in the medical field, and the greater availability and accessibility of healthcare. For this situation to continue we need high quality, well trained doctors and biomedical scientists.

This is one of the reasons that Newcastle University UK established NUMed as its international branch campus in Johor, Malaysia in 2009. The leading medical university provides undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and the Biomedical Sciences (BSc), together with opportunities for Foundation and postgraduate study.


The programmes of study delivered in Malaysia are identical to those of Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and lead to the award of the same degrees, conferred wholly and exclusively by Newcastle University, UK. By choosing to study at NUMed Malaysia, students obtain a reputable UK qualification, from an internationally recognized university, at a cost significantly less than that of studying for the same degrees in the UK.

The undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS Honours) degree was launched in Malaysia in 2009 and the BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences in 2013.

The Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme was offered for the first time this year, in April 2016.

Three cohorts of medical students have now graduated from NUMed, and the first cohort of Biomedical Science students graduated this year.

NUMed’s Mission

To deliver cost-effective medical and biomedical programmes of the highest quality in order to meet the needs of the students and the regional health economy, and to translate the benefits of research, development and lifelong education for the societal benefit of Malaysia and the greater Asian region.

Quality remains the essential reason for Newcastle University’s prime market position as an international medical education provider. All quality-related activities are inextricably linked to contribute to the overall high-end product and service: well-designed innovative programmes are delivered to students by excellent, highly motivated and well-qualified faculty complemented by carefully considered student support strategies and underpinned by a firm ethic of scholarship.

Malaysian students have been benefiting from Newcastle University’s quality programmes for many years. The first time a Malaysian student graduated from Newcastle was in 1965 and there are currently hundreds of Malaysian students studying at Newcastle University, UK, across both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The establishment of NUMed means that students also have the advantage of a ‘value package’ which comprises the respected Newcastle brand delivering quality UK-preferred medical education in Malaysia at an affordable price.

The intention of NUMed Malaysia is transnational delivery of a range of undergraduate biomedical and medical degree programmes, equivalent and of identical standard to those of Newcastle University’s UK-based provision but contextualised to Malaysian circumstance and cultural diversity. Many of the programmes offer opportunities for periods of study in the UK.

MBBS (R/721/6/0046)

The five year long Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) curriculum is designed to provide a general medical education for all types of doctor, and a foundation for later career specialization. NUMed’s integrated approach sweeps away the traditional divide between pre-clinical and clinical training, and focuses from the outset on the development of clinical competence and understanding.

Upon completion of the MBBS programme at NUMed, students graduate with a degree that is conferred by Newcastle University, UK, a UK Primary Medical Qualification. Upon graduation NUMED graduates become eligible for provisional registration as a doctor with both the UK General Medical Council (GMC) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

NUMed students who go on to carry out their postgraduate clinical training programme in selected Malaysian hospitals can also apply for full registration as doctors with the GMC as well as the MMC.

The Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours (N/720/6/0035)

The BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences BSc Honours programme is split into two parts.  Part 1 spans the first two years which is spent at the state-of-the-art Newcastle campus in Nusajaya, Johor.  Part two is the final year of study, undertaken at the Newcastle UK campus with research led teaching and an intensive research project in one of the highly regarded institutes in Newcastle University Medical School.

Upon successful completion of the entire programme, student are awarded BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences, conferred by Newcastle University UK.

There is a great demand for biomedical and biomolecular sciences graduates within the health services and industry, leading or working as part of research teams, and many students choose this career path. Industries employing bioscientists for research and development include: pharmaceuticals; biotechnology; chemical; cosmetics and toiletries; and food and drink. With a biosciences-related degree graduates can undertake medical, veterinary and agricultural research in universities and research institutes. Hospitals and public health laboratories employ large numbers of bioscientists.

A significant proportion of NUMed graduates choose to take a further degree (either an MSc or PhD) before embarking on permanent employment. This is a step in a career path that can lead to senior, decision-making roles.

The Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (N/010/3/0361)

The Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme is a 12 month programme. The course you will study is equivalent to the one delivered at our University in the UK, and following successful completion of the programme you will be awarded the Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences by Newcastle University, UK. Students who successfully complete the Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences to the required level will automatically be offered a place on either our MBBS programme (subject to interview) or our BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences programme.

Teaching and learning

The NUMed programmes are designed to develop the skills students need to become independent self-learners, and to prepare them for postgraduate study and a lifetime of medical and biomedical learning. At first, the structured learning environment provides students with clearly defined goals and direction. New material is introduced and explained by teachers who are skilled at delivering and explaining information to large groups of students. However, as the students’ experience and confidence develops and the programme progresses, the teaching and learning strategies encourage and ultimately require students to adopt increasing self-reliance and independence in their study and learning, helping them to prepare for their career ahead.

While teaching in lectures seminars remains of pivotal importance, a variety of other innovative methods are used, with the choice of method being carefully chosen to match the particular educational objectives.

Facilities & Resources

The NUMed Malaysia campus, opened in 2011, is secure, ‘green’, and pedestrian-friendly. It has the following state-of-the-art facilities:

Learning Resource Centre

The signature building which represents the student-centric ethos of NUMed, lies at the academic and social heart of the campus and includes social learning space, the library / information centre, the student Wellbeing Centre, a cafeteria and student common room. The design of the Learning Resource Centre has been informed by a number of emerging, ground­breaking facilities at UK higher education institutions and recognises the social origins of learning and the need for interaction between learners on different levels and in different forms. It is also a self-regulating environment which places discussion on an equal footing with solitary learning – it is the policy of NUMed to give students responsibility over their learning environment as well as over the way they learn.

Administration Complex & Academic Staff Facilities

Comprises a mix of open-plan and cellular work space for the resident and visiting academic faculty, and the managerial and administrative staff.

Central Teaching Facilities

These include two 200-seat presentation lecture theatres, one 100-seat ‘Harvard Style’ demonstration theatre, 20 classrooms / breakout rooms, and two 50-place ICT classrooms.

Laboratory Complex

Comprises three well-equipped teaching laboratories and the postgraduate Continuing Professional Development suite.

Student Residences & Other Amenities

NUMed has its own managed student accommodation. The brand new accommodation offers high-quality self-catering apartments, arranged as a number of study-bedrooms sharing a central kitchen/living room and shower facilities. The air-conditioned apartments also have wireless Internet access. There is a swimming pool and gymnasium on-site, to which all students staying in the accommodation have free access. 

Each apartment is self-catering and is equipped with its own fridge, cooker and washing machine. Each apartment houses up to four students.

NUMed Student Accommodation is truly multinational, multi-ethnic and multicultural. The accommodation is just a 10-minute drive from the campus, with free, regular transport provided, not only between the accommodation and the campus, but also between the accommodation and the nearby major eateries, shopping centres, entertainment outlets and other recreational attractions, five minutes’ drive away.

Physical Recreation & Sports Facilities

NUMed Malaysia students have access to the world-class physical recreation and sports facilities of EduCity. The sports complex features a stadium, aquatic centre and indoor arena. The stadium in the RM95.32 million complex has a seating capacity of 14,000, a soccer / rugby pitch and a 400-metre athletic track complying with the Association of Athletics Federation standards. The aquatic centre comes complete with an Olympic-size swimming pool which meet the Federation Internationale’ de Natalion (Fina) and the International Swimming Federation’s standards for water polo and synchronised swimming. For those who enjoy team sports, there is a choice of indoor or outdoor courts for basketball, badminton, volleyball and futsal.

Computers, Information Technology & Telecommunication

The NUMed Malaysia campus incorporates the innovations in teaching and learning offered by modern information and communications technology (ICT). All learning spaces (e.g. lecture theatres, teaching rooms, laboratories, social learning spaces) have high speed wifi.  NUMed uses an innovative system called ‘Recap’ which permits students to listen to recorded lectures and review the lecture notes from both Malaysia and the United Kingdom lecturers and is highly prized by the NUMed students.  The university also operates a free laptop loan service.

Student Support

Newcastle University’s pre-eminence in the provision of student support and guidance is evidenced by it being ranked consistently highly in the UK National Student Survey. Newcastle’s excellent model and approach to the provision of both the pastoral and academic support of students is mirrored at NUMed Malaysia.

The strategy for student support and guidance is based on the provision of clear and timely information, academic guidance and individual tutorial support, backed up through the Student Wellbeing Service with specialist academic and welfare services.

A member of staff is allocated to students as their personal tutor to offer general academic guidance and pastoral support. In addition, the students operate their own ‘peer-parenting’ system whereby every new student is attached to several more senior students who are available to offer advice and guidance.

NUMed takes full advantage of communication and information technology to provide additional support throughout the learning process.


The overall cost of obtaining Newcastle University medical and biomedical degrees in Malaysia is around 40 per cent less than the cost of obtaining the same degrees in the UK.

A single inclusive fee is charged to cover the costs of tuition, library, laboratory, placements, examination, administration fees, and all other academic-related charges.

Programme of study

Fees 2016 - 2017


Malaysian students, RM95,000 per annum, for each of the five years of the programme

International students, RM105,000 per annum, for each of the five years of the programme

Biomedical Sciences

Malaysian students, RM40,240 per annum, for each of the three years of the programme (both NUMed Malaysia and Newcastle UK)

International students, RM44,100 per annum, for each of the three years of the programme (both NUMed Malaysia and Newcastle UK)

Foundation in Sciences

Malaysian Students RM26,000, for the year


It should be noted that the NUMed Malaysia fees do not include the cost of student living accommodation.  There is a range of accommodation at varying prices to choose from.

Application for entry in September 2016 is now open

For the MBBS and Biomedical programmes, NUMed Malaysia has one intake per year, in September. The Foundation programme also has one intake per year, May.

While there is no formal closing date for the receipt of applications, students are encouraged to apply early as places on the programme are offered throughout the year and a limited number of places are available.

To apply, please visit

published on: 18 January 2017