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Newcastle University receives Royal Society of Biology Accreditation

Newcastle University receives Royal Society of Biology Accreditation

The University has received accreditation status by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), for six of its biosciences programmes in recognition of the quality education it delivers.

A parliamentary reception celebrating the universities to receive Accreditation took place on the Pavilion Terrace at the Houses of Parliament, with academics, industry representatives and policymakers, and graduates from the institutions in attendance.

Championing excellence

A total of 16 universities have been recognised this year and their degrees cover a broad range of topics.

Twelve universities have received Accreditation for their undergraduate bioscience degrees. Newcastle University is the only institution to receive Advanced Accreditation for its integrated Master’s degree programmes that offers a significant research component.

The RSB Accreditation programme champions excellence in the biosciences, by not only identifying degree programmes that offer a high standard of teaching, curriculum provision and practical skill set development, but also those that enhance graduate employability skills.

The University of Ghana has received International Advanced Accreditation and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China has been awarded International Accreditation. Two of the first institutions to receive such recognition since the launch of the International Accreditation programme in September 2016.

The University of Kent is the first University to receive Master’s Accreditation for its Master’s degree programmes.

Including these awards there are now more than 200 programmes that have been awarded Advanced Accreditation from 22 universities, and 189 programmes that have been awarded Accreditation from 28 universities across the UK.

Thousands enrolled

There are currently more than 17,000 students enrolled in accredited courses across the UK.

Professor Dame Jean Thomas Hon FSB, president of the RSB, said: “We are delighted to announce that bioscience courses in 16 more institutions have been granted Accreditation status by the Royal Society of Biology. Accreditation recognises institutions that offer an outstanding bioscience education and equip their graduates with the skills needed to thrive in a global market.

"It is especially encouraging to be able to award Accreditation to two international organisations for the first time. Championing high standards in education is critical to providing a foundation for a collaborative, international biosciences community and we are proud that the RSB can play a part in recognising and supporting this.”


published on: 2 May 2017