Continuing Medical Education

International Translational Research Conference

Personalised Medicine - From bench to individual bedside.NUMed campus, Iskandar Malaysia, Nusajaya.on Saturday 1st March 2014. Download Conference Brochure (1.5 MB)

A key objective of NUMed Malaysia is to contribute to the lifelong continuum of medical education. While the international campus of Newcastle University has only been established here in Malaysia since 2011, already we support a growing number of continuing medical education programmes.

International Translational Research Conference


Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia hosted an International Translational Research Conference: 'Personalised Medicine - From bench to individual bedside' on Saturday 1st March 2014.

This conference focussed on Personalized Medicine – From bench to individual bedside and will bring world-renowned speakers from Newcastle Biomedicine at Newcastle University in the UK.

Speakers from Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Chris Day - Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Professor David Jones - Dean of Research and Innovation
  • Professor Derek Mann - Head of Hepatology
  • Professor David Burn - Institute for Aging and Health. Director & Professor of Movement Disorder Neurology
  • Professor Patrick Chinnery - Institute for Aging and Health. Wellcome Senior Fellow in Clinical Science, Professor of Neurogenetics and Honorary Consultant
  • Professor Catherine Bushby - Institute of Genetic Medicine. Act. Res.Chair of Neuromuscular Genetics
  • Professor John Isaacs - Director of the Institute of Cellular Medicine
  • Professor Michael Trenell - Inistitute of Cellular Genetics NIHR Senior Research Fellow & Director, MoveLab; Physical Activity & Exercise Research
  • Professor Jeff Errington - Director of the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology (CBCB), Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences
  • Professor Christine Harrison - Prof of Childhood Cancer Cytogenetics
  • Professor Julia Newton - Dean for Clinical Medicine and Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine
  • Dr Sophie Hambleton - Clinical Senior Lecturer, Paediatric Immunology & Infectious Diseases


INTRODUCTION: Chris Day (9.00am)
9.00-9.30 Jeff Errington: “Cell division in bacteria: from basic science to antibiotic discovery.”
9.30-10.00 Christine Harrison: “Targeting Signalling Pathways in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia: New Insights”.
10.00-10.30 John Isaacs: “Switching off autoimmunity – a brief history and current concepts”.
Coffee Break (10.30-11.00)
11.00-11.30 Kate Bushby: “Mutation specific therapies in muscular dystrophies - lessons from the early trials”.
11.30-12.00 Patrick Chinnery: “The circle of life: mitochondrial DNA and human disease”.
12.00-12.30 Sophie Hambleton: “Forward Genetics of Human Immunity”?
Lunch (12.30-13.30)
13.30-14.00 Derek Mann: “A Heritable Epigenetic Influence on Chronic Liver Disease?”
14.30-15.00 Dave Jones: “New Opportunities in Stratified Medicine and Therapeutics in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis”.
15.00-15.30 Chris Day: “Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: from basic science to patient management”
Coffee Break (15.30-16.00)
16.00-16.30 David Burn: “Predicting dementia in Parkinson’s disease: How and Why?”
16.30-17.00 Mike Trenell: “Do chairs cause heart attacks and do we really think about what we do?”
17.00-17.30 Julia Newton: “Standing up for fatigue - understanding the role of autonomic dysfunction in the symptom of fatigue”.
Closing Remarks and Drinks Reception


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