Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Staff Profile

Dr Madihah Rushaidhi

Non Clinical Lecturer


Current Role in NuMed:

* Assistant Dean Biomedical Science

* Module leader for BMN1002 (Cell Biology) and BMN2011 (Nervous System and Respiratory Diseases) (BMS)

* Chair for BMS Board of Studies NUMed

* Staff representative for BMS Staff-Student Committee

* Stage 1 and 2 BMS Board of Exam Committee

* Member of BMS PEC Committee

* BMS Academic Practice Advisor and Member of Plagiarism Committee

* Unit lead for Neuroscience/Neuroanatomy in TSM module (MBBS)

* Phase 1 Teaching and Learning MBBS Committee

* Member of NuMed Executive Board

* Advisor for NuMed ISOC

* Tutor for BMS and MBBS students 


* Doctor of Philosophy (Otago University, New Zealand) - Neuroscience

* Bsc (Hons) (Otago University, New Zealand) - Anatomy and Structural Biology

Previous posts:

* Senior lab demonstrator (Otago University, New Zealand)

* Anatomy/Neuroscience Tutor for Health Sciences Courses (Otago University, New Zealand)


* Malaysian Anatomical Association

* Malaysian Society of Neuroscience

* IMedik 



* Stage 1:

  • NME module (Anatomy Practicals)
  • MTD module (Lectures)
  • LC module (Anatomy Practicals)
  • CRRM (Anatomy Practicals)
  • Family Studies (Examiner)
  • OSCE (Examiner)
  • SSC (Examiner)

* Stage 2:

  • TSM module (Lectures)
  • TSM module (Anatomy Practicals)
  • SSC (Examiner)
  • OSCE (Examiner)


* Stage 1:

  • BMN1002 - Cell Biology (Lectures, Seminars and Lab Practical)
  • BMN1006 - Pharmacology (Lectures and Seminars)

* Stage 2:

  • BMN2011 - Nervous System and Respiratory Disorders (Lectures and Seminars)