Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

International Students

International Students

While the Newcastle University medical and biomedical degrees offered at NUMed Malaysia are principally to cater for the Malaysian market, applications from non-Malaysian citizens are welcomed.

The most recent instalment of the Annual International Student Barometer, which measures international student satisfaction at 270 Universities and Colleges worldwide, has revealed year-on-year growth in international student satisfaction at Newcastle University since the surveys began in 2005.

What to expect as an international student at NUMed Malaysia

NUMed Malaysia intends to replicate this reputation in Malaysia. 

Welcome pack

International students joining NUMed Malaysia can expect a warm welcome and will be provided with a welcome pack. This is despatched prior to your arrival in Malaysia and comprises information on:

  • immigration requirements
  • travel and health
  • English language support
  • banking and finance
  • a copy of the International Student’s Handbook
  • various guides to studying at NUMed Malaysia

Informal support

Some international students will inevitably feel cut off from their own culture, country, family and friends. These feelings will mostly be resolved as they make friends and become familiar with life and study at NUMed Malaysia.

Sometimes, however, those feelings will persist and students may find their lives are more severely affected. NUMed Malaysia will provide free and confidential one-to-one support meetings for those international students experiencing difficulties during their time at NUMed Malaysia.


Applicants from non-Malaysian citizens for entry to the NUMed Malaysia MB BS programme should read carefully the information about careers

MB BS places are not available at NUMed Malaysia for citizens of the UK or from countries of the EC. Such applicants should apply through the UK UCAS system for a place at our UK campus.

It is a requirement that all international students receive approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department and a Student Pass.

Application for a Student Pass will be managed by NUMed Malaysia. It is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to approve or reject any visa application.

For the MB BS programme, additional compulsory Bahasa Melayu language provision is provided.