How can an Occupational Health advisor help you?

Please follow our referral procedure, if an advisor can help with:


  • Assessing health through pre-employment medicals, medical reviews, and health surveillance, to ensure you are fit for the job and that work is not harmful to your health.
  • Regularly reviewing health related aspects of your work situation and recommending ways of maintaining a healthy and safe environment (ie medical advice on Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation and related musculoskeletal issues; night work assessment; pregnancy).
  • Disability advice.
  • Form valuable links between employees, GP and manager during the rehabilitation period following a return to work after illness, surgery or injury, and by helping to plan the approach to regaining a normal working pattern.
  • Initiate ‘follow up’ of those on sick leave at the request of the manager/Human Resources Officer. Advice can be given to the employee and the manager, aimed at an early return to work and a rehabilitation programme.
  • Advise pension funds on ill-health early retirement.



  • Provide information in relation to the health and well-being of employees.
  • Advice on work related travel.