Incident Reporting and Investigation

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LIVE incident database

TEST incident database

If you want to have a look at the database and practice entering data please use the test database because the e-mail alert facility is disabled on the test database.

What to report

The online reporting system can be used to report:

  • Incidents (accidents and near misses) - a user guide is available for reporting incidents
  • First aid given
  • Sports injuries (from participants using NU sports facilities and Union sports societies)
  • Fire alarm activations (both false alarms and following fire or smoke incidents)

Only actual fire or smoke events should be recorded as incidents. False alarms and fire drills should be recorded on the fire alarm activations database instead.

Some ill health events do not need to be reported as incidents. Ill health should be reported if:

  • The ill health was caused by the way the work was organised or carried out
  • The ill health was caused by machinery, plant, substances or equipment used for work or
  • The condition of the site or premises where the event happened.

Any occurrences of ill health which are not related to University activity e.g. fainting or heart attack should not be reported as incidents. A first aid report should be entered if assistance was given.

We have a management standard and frequently asked questions which provides further detail.

If you are still unsure if something needs to be reported please contact us.