Procure to Pay (P2P)

What are the benefits?

  • A ‘click-to-buy’, online purchasing experience for users with faster integrated ordering and the ability to search for and compare like-for-like products.
  • Improved material/product management information (support supplier negotiations).
  • Removal of the need to key information into SAP or contact suppliers directly.
  • Ability to create limit orders to manage financial commitments throughout the year, e.g. for quarterly payments of annual contracts, etc.
  • Improved reporting for better budget management.
  • Non pay savings for the University in the region of £2m p.a. through for example, a significant reduction in prices paid for goods and services, realisation of early payment discounts, etc.
  • Environmental benefits – reduction in deliveries/paper/physical storage.
  • Electronic management of paperwork required for audit purposes.
  • Improved efficiencies for suppliers with one point of contact for invoice queries.