Procure to Pay (P2P)

Purchasing in SRM: E-Marketplace

  • SRM is linked to the e-marketplace via 'punch out' technology. Our chosen e-marketplace is called Parabilis. Parabilis is industry standard and is used by numerous organisations including several in the HE sector.
  • The e-marketplace purchasing process gives the user a buying experience similar to that experienced when shopping on the internet for personal use. By using the e-marketplace, cart creators will have detailed information on the products such as specification, size, weight, etc. Searches can be limited by manufacturer or supplier. Similarly, if you know the catalogue number or product number of an exact item, this can also be searched for here.
  • The e-marketplace will contain catalogues from various suppliers at the prices agreed between the University and the suppliers. The e-marketplace will be managed by Procurement. The number of suppliers available on the marketplace will increase over time.
  • Where the required items are not available in the marketplace, the user will be able to create a free text or describe requirement item. Click here to find out more free text orders.

e-marketplace suppliers

  • When a shopping cart is raised from the e-marketplace, the cart creator will browse the catalogues, find the item(s) they require and enter the quantity required. Once the user has completed browsing the catalogue, pressing order on the catalogue will transfer the items to the shopping cart in SRM where the cart creator can enter the account assignment details, the delivery address and check the VAT code.
  • If you regularly purchase the same item you will have the option to access previous shopping carts.
  • Documents can be attached to the cart as well as notes from the cart creator. These can be sent to the supplier if necessary when the purchase order is created.
  • Once the cart is complete the next stage in the process is approval. For items bought from the e-marketplace there will be a self-approval limit of £500. For more details on approvals click here.