Procure to Pay (P2P)

Purchasing in SRM: Free Text

  • Where the required items are not available in the marketplace, the shopper will be able to create a free text order which is also known as a describe requirement order.
  • The shopper will enter into SRM (via the myWorkPlace portal) a free text description of the goods or services required, select a product category code (material group), appropriate for the goods being requested. Additionally, shoppers will enter the price, quantity and requested delivery date and, for services, how long the order is valid for. One extra step to complete the cart item is to assign a supplier.
  • The cart will be completed and ordered in the same manner as procuring from the e-marketplace.
  • Once the cart is complete the next stage in the process is approval. For free text items there will be no self-approval. For more details on approval click here.