Procure to Pay (P2P)

Purchasing in SRM: Web Requisitions

If the person wanting to make a purchase is not a shopper with access to the system or purchasing cards they will use an Adobe web form to email their requirements to their assigned central shopper. The following page provides instructions on where to access the form and how it should be completed. The information can also be downloaded as a pdf.



Web Requisition Screen Shot

  • The Requisition Number is an automated number that is referenced in a report on SRM.
  • The form has populated your User ID, Name, Date of Request and Required delivery date. You can change the Required delivery date if necessary.
  • Enter a storage location code if known. This field can be left blank.
  • Select your Faculty/Central Services from the dropdown.
  • Select your Department from the dropdown.
  • Select a Web User from the dropdown (these are specific areas from within your department).


Web Requisition Screen Shot

  • Enter information as required by your school/ unit/ service.
  • Click Update.


Web Requisition Screen Shot

  • Click Insert item to add more lines to the requisition.
  • Click Delete to delete your line.
  • Click Edit to change the line.


Web Requisition Screen Shot

  • Notes to buyer – type in additional information as required. The expert buyer will see this information.
  • If you have had your requisition pre-approved (this is the recommended business process) enter the name of the person who gave this approval.


Web Requisition Screen Shot

  • Click submit to buyer and the form will go to the  email address of the expert buyer.